Brief von Carmen Dapilos (Dezember 2013)



Yesterday I surprised the last toys I have to children who don't even know what gift is,


and children who don't ever think of receiving toys. The picture portrays how this family


will celebrate the special day. They worry where to get the next meal, and in the night when it rains,


they look for a shelter some where to spend the night. As the children got the toys, I handed the mother


a little amount for 2 kilos of rice. She was so grateful and happy. It breaks my heart to witness lots of them here.


Though the story is real, yet, it symbolizes the real life here,




I am very grateful for the warmth and love from you all there,


caring not only for children's education but for the youth as well.


Two Colleges to care, with more than 400 youth back to school, feeling grateful and lucky for this


opportunity is the best we can give for their future.


This is a wonderful Christmas, and I thank you all dear Teachers and Pupils so much for trusting me all the years.


My prayer too to our dear friends and supporters for a Blessed and Merry Christmas!





GGS Kürten-Olpe